Interstellar Lab


Paris, France



Data Engineer

At Interstellar Lab our mission is to build a future full of life, on Earth and beyond. We believe in a future where technology is enabling humans to live in harmony with nature, a future where biodiversity thrives and expands, a future where terrestrial life become multi-planetary.

To build this future, we design, manufacture and operate controlled-environment biofarms that unleash the power of plants. On Earth and in Space. Our solutions combine Hardware, AI and Bioscience. We use controlled-environment technology to mimic a multitude of conditions to allow plants, fungi and microorganisms to grow faster and better.

On Earth, we are pioneering biofarming at scale, boosting production of bioactive compounds and providing a sustainable and safe source of plant materials. In Space, we provide farming units to grow efficiently food for astronaut while accelerating plant research in microgravity.

Job Description and key responsibilities
We are seeking a skilled and experienced Data Engineer to join our team. As a Data Engineer, you will play a crucial role in the design, development, and maintenance of our data infrastructure in an IoT environment. Your expertise will revolve around managing data generated by various sources (sensors, actuators, manual measurement, etc.) and implementing efficient data pipelines, ensuring the smooth flow of data for analysis and visualization.
  • Design and develop robust and scalable data architectures and pipelines for handling IoT data streams
  • Monitor data pipelines, perform troubleshooting, and implement proactive measures to identify and resolve any issues related to data ingestion, processing, or storage
  • Setup data lifecycle management
  • Aggregate data from disparate sources (IoT sensors, cameras, manual input)
  • Help streamline our data science workflows, adding value to our product offerings
  • Work closely with the data science and business intelligence teams to develop data models and pipelines for research, reporting, and machine learning
  • Be an advocate for best practices and continued learning
Basic Qualification
  • Master’s degree in software engineering or related field and 2+ years professional experience in software engineering; OR 6+ years of experience in software engineering in lieu of a degree
  • Significant experience as a Data Engineer or in a similar software engineering role
  • Development experience with high level programming language (preference for Python and Go)
  • Experience with IoT environment or similar application field (time series Database, MQTT protocol, unreliable network, etc.)
Preferred skills ans experience
  • Familiarity with the AWS ecosystem
  • Experience in building or maintaining ETL processes
  • Strong proficiency in working with IoT protocols and technologies, such as MQTT, CoAP, or AMQP
  • Experience with time-series databases, preferably InfluxDB, for efficiently storing and retrieving IoT data
  • Experience with SQL databases
  • Solid programming skills in languages such as Python, Java, or Scala for data manipulation and ETL processes
  • Familiarity with cloud platforms such as AWS (preferred), Azure, or GCP
  • Understanding of data governance, security, and compliance practices in an IoT context
Soft skills:
  • Passionate and curious about space technologies, green technologies, software engineering
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Collaborative team spirit
  • Ability to rapidly change roles/responsibilities while working in a high-paced, challenging work environment


Paris Area (France)